Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

Don’t be too surprised if you run into Haruki Murakami way too often on this blog. He is, after all, a very prolific author and one of my personal favourites.

Anyway, despite a slightly confusing beginning, Norwegian Wood proved to be one of the most interesting and captivating books I have ever read. It oozes with vulnerability, fragility of human souls and our ever so shakable psyche. A rare gift of trust, that’s not something we can spare. A tender gesture, a reassuring word of kindness… These are all acts we so seldom get to experience in this cruel world, that’s becoming worse by the minute. To be able to find a person (or people, if you’re lucky) who cares about you, who is genuinely worried about you, someone who gives a damn in a society that thinks love is a coffee shop thing that happens between two espressos and an exchange of e-mail addresses, that… That is rare. This was only the second Murakami I read at the time, but from then on, he was without a doubt one of the major literary pillars that got me through the day and carried me on the wings made of words.